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Take One are based in Warren Street, Central London. We run classes online and In Person, teaching all ages and abilities and have received incredible feedback and results including actors landing roles on TV series such as Mayflies (BBC), popular recurring television dramas, BFI films, signing with new agents and much more.


We also run workshops both online and IN THE ROOM with top industry professionals which have included TV/Film Directors, Casting Directors and Actors from shows such as The Witcher and The Crown.


The company was set up with the aim of creating a none judgmental atmosphere which can give a personalised tailored approach to each individual. 


If this is your first time approaching acting or if you have had experience but have a particular focus in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


We do group or 1-1 online and In Person sessions covering different areas of the industry.



We are a part of The CWC (The Casting Workshop Collective), a professional body of companies that work together to ensure casting workshops follow good practise and adhere their own and the CDG’s (Casting Director’s Guild) workshop guidelines.

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